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Job Offers

Recruitment Process
Recruitment Position Number Of Recruits Work Place Date Posted Due Date
Sales Supervisor (Reserve Talent) (Acceptable Foreign Exchange) 3-5 China 2019-02-06 2019-12-31
Sales Engineer (chemical industry) 5-10 China 2019-01-08 2019-12-08
Marketing Specialist (Business Management) 2 shanghai 2019-01-04 2019-12-04
Market Commissioner (proficient in English) 1-2 Shanghai 2019-01-04 2019-12-04
Market Technical Engineer (Technical Support) 2 shanghai 2019-01-04 2019-12-04
Import Fine Chemical Auxiliary Sales Representative 3-5 shanghai 2019-01-04 2019-12-04
Technical support / technical service 2-3 Shanghai headquarters 2019-01-04 2019-12-04


Talent Concept ---- Foreign School
On September 10,2012,the SFEP School was established.

In the vision of "enhancing China's added value and creating a high quality of life," employees have stepped into our common home --- Foreign Power.
The internal training and external training provided by the company create a good learning platform for employees. The new employees fully grasp the company's constitution, system, business and the entire operation process. The development of the company is inseparable from the growth of employees, staff progress can not be separated from the company's cultivation. For our external power with the times, employees work together.
Experience of staff training
  • yuang1

     The study of "Online Business School" saved us time, enriched our knowledge and laid a solid foundation for our own life.
  • yuang2

     I like this type of training (culturally themed training), talking like a talk show, using the company's culture as a topic of conversation; I like this way of communication, where everyone can speak daringly and speak daringly , Talk about their ow
  • yuang3

    Every colleague in the company actively and optimistically treats difficulties. There is a heart full of desires for success. All these efforts are harder than ever before. You will unconsciously live in such an ambitious atmosphere. To change their own s
  • yuang4

     The accumulation of professional knowledge and learning not only allows you to know more about your work, but also effectively improve work efficiency, less detours in the work to reduce the number of principles and basic mistakes occurred to their

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