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SFEP--Speech by President on the 20th Anniversary

On September 7, 2018, SFEP celebrated its 20th birthday.
At this moment, there is pride and joy.

It is proud that in the past 20 years SFEP has been committed to introducing the first-class high-tech products combination from abroad into the domestic market, and has participated substantially in the strategic projects led by national governments such as West-to-East Power Transmission/Ultra-high Voltage Network/Optical Fiber Broadband/Automobile High-speed Aircraft/Air Pollution Control/Electric Vehicle, etc.

It is gratifying to note that 20 years of continuous learning and improvement have enabled SFEP to possess high-quality chemical professionals and standardized management system, efficient sales service team and professional organization system, cooperative partnership with foreign partners, firm commitment of not selling counterfeit goods/not using sub-brands to authenticate brands and most reassuring suppliers, covering the special materials/instruments Sourci of the United States/Japan/Europe.  With customer confidentiality and other needs of innovative and intimate services.

Over the past 20 years, we have been in the same line, operating in good faith and working hand in hand.

SFEP grew up from a toddler to a young man with vigor and vitality. Thank to the generation after generation of "SFEPers" passionate and innovative hard work of, thank customers and partners for their care and long-standing support.

At this moment, please allow me, as President of SFEP, to express once again my deep gratitude to the partners, colleagues and friends who have given us sustain care in the past 20 years with a grateful heart. Thank you deeply!

Looking back 20 years, "SFEPers" with tenacious perseverance and firm belief, steadfast, pioneering and enterprising, step by step came over. After 20 years of development, we have made brilliant achievements. the road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep~

The past 20 years have been the golden 20 years of the chemical industry and a microcosm of China's rapid economic growth.

Twenty years are fleeting Like a white pony’s shadow across.

The blueprint of SFEP is the transformation from bridge communication to platform construction.

SFEP's vision is to become China's top solution supply platform with specialty chemicals distribution, complimentary sales, technology supporting and  sharing, safety stock, information and value-added service. TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER

Faced with the achievements, we have pride and joy in our hearts, but more is the sense of crisis and urgency. Faced with the impact of the market and the economic environment, the cost of chemical raw materials has risen dramatically... In this rapidly changing information society, only the panicked can survive. There are still numerous difficulties and more new challenges ahead of us that have not yet been overcome.

In the long course of time, 20 years is just a spray. For developing enterprises, it is like sailing against the current, and if you don't advance, you will go backwards.

Today's SFEP still needs us to deal with it with full passion. We have a solid foundation. We stick to our beliefs and cherish our dreams.

In the past 20 years, SFEP has accomplished numerous transformations. However, what remains unchanged is the principle and belief in our hearts. We have been working hard, gaining momentum and transforming.

Everything we do is conscientious and responsible - to employees, customers, partners and society!

The way before us is much challenged but also full of chances, we need to forget the achievement we got and work hard from now again. Regardless of reviewing the past, or describing the new vision, excellent corporate culture genes are always the most valuable treasure of SFEP. They are the source of power and spiritual support for us to overcome difficulties in the past and meet challenges in the future. These inherent beliefs and codes of conduct support SFEP to become an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility and become a trustworthy and trusted enterprise. A company that is on the path of sustainable development.

Ten years of sharpening a sword, twenty years of building spring and Autumn - only perseverance can bear fruit! Twenty years of sharpening a sword will surely shine for 30 years. The 20th anniversary of SFEP will not be a celebration of eye-catching, focusing on pragmatism and pragmatism, striving for SFEP quality upgrade version 2.0, service upgrade, customer acceptance upgrade, staff sense of achievement upgrade.

Time bears witness to the results, only perseverance can lead to results! Twenty years of continuous efforts will surely be extraordinary for the next decade.

Today is SFEP's birthday. I hope it will become our common festival. The pulse of SFEP will live up to expectations and jump out of the strongest note. Thank you to every witness and supporter of SFEP's growth.

Thank you to every employee, customer and partner for your efforts, encouragement and support. I believe that SFEP's future will be better. Best wishes for SFEP!

2025, may we join hands to do! Wind and rain concentric! Achieve our dreams!

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