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"SFEP's 20th Anniversary" please be included in this wonderful plot strategy!

01, June, read together

As the first event of the 20th anniversary of SFEP, it was chosen to open Children's Day on June 1st, which is also the first day of the start of SFEP anniversary. It expresses that we should never forget our hearts, work together to do, create infinite possibilities and infinite future. We sincerely invite many of our partners to express our feelings through reading aloud, and let literature return to life with the charm of voice to feel reading. Power ~

02, July, World Cup - Work hand in hand to "see" and enjoy the excitement

July coincides with the 2018 World Cup in Russia. SFEP advocates that fans watch the game sensibly and not gamble on it. On Wechat Public, SFEP hosted the "Mystery Award for Watching the Game Win the Mystery Award". If you guess the right score, there will be mysterious gifts. If you guess the end of 90 minutes, there will be mysterious awards.~

3. In August, let's work together to "seize" and have a wonderful imagination.

To win means to win high marks. Let's look down together.~

From the beginning to the acquaintance, dear SFEPers, do you remember the impression when you first contacted SFEP? A tacit test is waiting for you to open. The answer is in the moment of your finger flicking ~SFEPers participating in this competition will get a red envelope for answering questions. If you score more than 80, you will have the chance to draw the mysterious prize specially prepared by SFEP.~

Read here, do you think our monthly activities have gifts? ~Yes! With the support of suppliers, customers and partners, we are grateful to you for the twentieth anniversary of our company.~

This is the scene of our corporate culture speech contest.

04, September, Together with Donations - True Public Welfare

SFEP has always been a true public welfare activity, we have been in action to help students realize their dreams. Today, with the rapid economic development, our children have high-quality educational resources and advanced teaching facilities. In the forgotten corner, there are many children who are eager to learn but helpless. The long and rugged mountain road can not stop them from pursuing their dreams and pursuing their studies.

Time, energy, knowledge, love, we may feel that it is a work of hands, but for children it is valuable, we are willing to take practical action in the growth of a bunch of sunshine into the road, to pass love down.~

In this time of celebration

SFEP partners have also sent their best wishes.

Isn't that great?

SFEP - Focus on Special Chemicals

Activities are also very special and distinctive.

Twentieth Anniversary Series

We will continue to uphold the consistent high quality.

More wonderful than we want to share with you

We sincerely look forward to your participation.

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