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Coating Industry

SFEP is committed to providing a package of solutions for Coating Industry:

We have imported numerous raw materials in coating industry to provide customers with a set of problem solutions. Besides, specifically to customers’ identical requests, we also can provide diversified products, which can help our customers to solve the problems of process formula.

1. Matting agents

We agent Nipgel and Nipsil of Tosoh Silica corporation. They have varieties of products which can satisfy different demands of customers on matting effect, transparency and hand feeling.

In addition, we provide the delustering additives of Tokuyama matting powder: FM series which are used in leather coatings and water-based paint, etc , of which the transparency and the matting effect have excellent performance.

2. Anti-abrasion agents

Not only do we provide highly transparent VX-SP glass powder of Tatsumori, but also we have highly cost-effective fine ground silica of U.S. Silica, which apparently improves the wear resistance of paint film. If you have higher requirement of wear resistance, we also provide PTFE fine powder of 3M Dyneon, with good non-stick and wear resistance performance.

3. Additives of reflective and heat insulation coatings

We can supply imported hollow glass microspheres, specialized in reflective thermal insulating coatings. They are prone to effectively improve reflectivity of coatings and reduce the thermal conductivity coefficient. Moreover, we supply thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) G1643 of Kraton, specialized in roof coatings, which effectively improve weatherability and water proofness.

4. The anti-mildew agents/ antibacterial agent/deodorant

We supply the anti-mildew agents of Environmental Chemicals, which use advanced compounding technology to help coatings inhibit mildew, bacteria and algae under any harsh  circumstance.  Deordorants as the knock-out products of Environmental Chemicals , the active ingredients of which are the compounds of Titanium, zinc, phosphate, nitrogen and sulphur,. They have good Photocatalytic functions, which furnish paints with function to absorb and decompose formaldehyde, acidic and basic gases. Meanwhile, photocatalytic function contributes to extendedly improve indoor air quality.

Antimicrobial zeolite Zeomic is the first inorganic antimicrobial agent in the world, the company commercialized in 1983.  Due to its excellent antimicrobial effect, it is widely effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including gram negatives and fungi. Meanwhile, it is persistent to antimicrobial action and has the positive effect on inhibiting the growth of virus. For example, it can restrain SARS and H5N1 by 100% and the function can last for a prolonged period.

We also supply antimicrobial agent, the antimicrobial property, dispersibility and stability of which are accredited by the institution of safety testing.(including the Rohs test of heavy metals, etc), the friendly-environment inorganic raw material will not have any harm to humans or circumstance .

5. Pigments

Not only do we agent high-performance organic pigment of Synthesia corporation, but also we provide featured products (like Phthalo Blue) of FlintGroup. In the meantime, we provide bone black pigments of Ebonex Corporation, which can be used in demanding environmental protection industry.

6. Characteristic fillers

We agent calcined kaolin clay of U.S Silica, which can be used as high- quality filler. What’s more, it can partly substitute for imported titanium dioxide, which can reduce the cost.

7. Additives to Leather Coating

In the industry of additives to leather coating, not only do we provide high-quality matting agents, but also we provide versatile functional additives, like expancels and shampoo detergents.

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