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Plastics Industry

SFEP International has more than 20 years of specialty domestic chemicals,specializing in Chinese plastics industry.

We have launched diversified and high-quality imported additives, and continue to provide a series of solutions of improving the qualities of plastics. Our specific products are listed as follows:

1. UV/Light stabilizer

2. antioxygen

3. reinforced plastic materials

4. Fire retardant

5. anti-dripping agent

6. wear-resistant agent

7. lubricant

8. Processing agent PPA

9. organic pigment

10.delustering agent

11. silica open agent

12. Thermoplastic elastomers SEBS

13. PPO Poly(phenylene oxide) deprecated

14. modified organic silica

15. silver ion antimicrobial agent

16. Copolyester modifier

17.  polyamide resin

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