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Glass Powder VX-SP

Origin: Japan

Specifications: 20KG

VX-SP is Japan's TATSUMORI company's products, is VX-S for the coatings industry-specific models in the wood coatings industry in China has been widely and successfully applied to improve the hardness of the paint film, paint to enhance the resistance Scratch properties. VX-SP has the characteristics of small particle size and narrow particle size distribution.

The VX-SP has a maximum particle size of 24 μm, while the VX-S non-paint grade has a maximum particle size of 32 μm. Therefore VX-SP in the paint has more excellent transparency, feel and dispersion.

Physical properties:



Specific gravity



7 Moh's hardness

Average particle size




Application Features:

1. Product transparency, small size, good dispersion. The product has been repeatedly surface-crystallized into small particles of fine particles, has good lipophilicity and other components of the coating system also has good affinity, and has strong space-bit spacing ability to be more evenly distributed in the paint Film, the surface to improve the hardness of the film, anti-wear, anti-scratch properties, mainly for the production of high-grade furniture finish.

2. Matte resin can be used to reduce the proportion of matte powder.

3. It is recommended to use HIGHFLAT wax with better effect.

Reference dosage: VX-SP total amount of 3-5%


Transparency: How to avoid the problem of reduced transparency,

- Bright paint use: Add 3% -5%, does not affect the transparency

- Color paint use: Add 6% -12%, does not affect the transparency

Precipitation: Add 0.5% fumed silica (such as WACKER H20) and Japan's 6900 0.5% anti-precipitant with the use of the proposed dosage

Dispersibility: pre-dispersed with strong solvent, such as MIBK, CAC, cyclohexanone, diluted to 20% -50% (Note: diluted can not be placed too long or hard end will appear), in order to avoid particles appear , Then add 1% dispersant and other fillers. Dispersion speed should not be too high, otherwise it will cause the color to turn black, the speed of 1000 rev / min.

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