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light stabilizer

UV-3853S UV-3808PP5UV-3346UV-3529UV-2908V703THT-4611,ect.

Hindered Amine Light StabilizerHALS

It can protect from UV damage to the plastic, although itself hardly absorbs ultraviolet light, but can effectively capture the free radical which is generated by ultraviolet energy, so as to achieve the purpose of the light stabilizer.

HALS has different mechanisms with benzotriazole-based ultraviolet absorber, both of which can be obtained with a synergistic effect, and will exhibit good lightfastness

Hindered Amine Light StabilizerHALSUV-3853

UsageThe new type HALS can provide superior protection to a plastic surface properties; high solubility / compatibility with the polyolefin and of the styrene and the like; with other stabilizers, in particular, high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer has the most good synergy.


New generation stabilization system, focusing on the automotive sector PP, TPO and other polyolefin materials.


Hindered amine complex systems; has no reaction with acidic substances; lower additives and compatibility, no fumigation and precipitation phenomena; excellent weather resistance; reduce dirt accumulation of residual mold after prolonged use; excellent finish adhesion.

HALS UV-3346

C.N.:CAS No.82451-48-7

appearancepastillecolorless particle

relative molecular weight≥2000

melting point110-130


Polymeric high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizers, hindered amine-containing groups, as well as a triazine group, the excellent light stability, weather resistance, particularly high requirements for polyolefins have a good effect, extraction resistance and small thermal weight loss.

Applicationmainly for polypropylene fibers and molded products, polyethylene-based products,ect.

High molecular weight HASL UV-3529

used for PP \ PE as Long-acting light stabilizer which required excellent weather resistance

featuresColor dirty low, low volatility, extraction resistance, anti-fumigation faded, acid resistance; effectively maintain master batch color retention rate; superior long-term anti-aging properties, to extend the service life and the durability of exterior color of the plastics.

Applicationauto plasticcolor master batchOutdoor PP \ PE products such as tarpaulin, artificial grass, outdoor plastic toys, containers, rotomoldingproducts,ect.

If you have higher request, we recommend to use THT series of CYTEC.


PH=6.5, It does not react with the acid in acidic flame retardant system.

However 770,944 belongs to hindered amine products so in acidic system it will decrease the activity of the acid from the neutralization reaction (generally Ciba recipe using 770 + 327), so 2908 has better performance.

New generation efficient light stabilizer

CYASORB THT? light stabilizer 7001\4611

Extend the life of polyethylene products, far more than the standard of traditional hindered amine products.

To achieve the same levels of ultraviolet resistance, significantly reduce the dosage of light stabilizer.

Excellent light stability, prolong the life of outdoor products to the level from UV10 to UV20 +

CYASORB THT 4611 ——suitable for all kinds of olefins and nylon

Thermal weight loss temperature T-10%


Melting point




A highly efficient UV resistance, extraction, excellent long-term thermal stability

CYASORB THT 7001——suitable for all kinds of olefins

Thermal weight loss temperature T-10%


Melting point




High efficiency UV performance and excellent color stability

Low reactivity with Halogen-based flame retardant and effectively improve the utilization

No blooming and fog phenomenon, especially for the film has good adhesion to effectively prevent the contamination of molds

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