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Sodium lignosulfonate N20

Product Name: sodium lignosulfonate
Brand: Arbo N20
Origin: France
Package specification: 30kg/ package, 1.2 tons / support
Product appearance:

TEMBEC forest group is the one of the most comprehensive forest groups in Canada. The annual sales can reach around 4 billion dollars. It is a main supplier in the world forest industry. To satisfy the different product requests, TEMBEC have improved the high-efficient service by the lower cost. Sodium lignosulfonate is a natural high-molecular polymer and anionic surfactant, has a strong diffusion properties, can be dissolved in any hardness water, good chemical stability of aqueous solution, biodegradable, good grinding aid effect, which is widely used in pesticides, printing, ceramics, refractories, super plasticizer and other areas.

Physical  properties

1、 has a strong diffusion properties, can be dissolved in any hardness water, good chemical stability of aqueous solution, biodegradable
2、 lignosulfonate is called sulfite lignin as well, according to different molecular weight and different structure, it has uneven dispersion anionic polyelectrolyte. Product as a yellow brown solid is a free flowing and hygroscopic powder. Soluble in water, is not affected by PH value change, but not soluble in ethanol, acetone and other common organic solvents. Aqueous solution as a brown to black, colloidal properties, the viscosity of the solution increases with concentration increasing.


1、 High molecular weight and suffocation degree
2、 Efficient dispersion, has good co-existence with other accessory agents.
3、 Low hygroscopicity and high stability

Tembec: as one of the largest lignosulfonate producers in the world, it can provide high quality sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and ammonium lignosulfonate. As a natural dispersant and binder, lignosulfonate is widely used in pesticides, chemical fertilizers, printing and dyeing, carbon black, construction and other industries.
Product parameters

1 - physical properties


Method of analysis

brown powder

Density 25°C

IT - 115


2 –Analysis of indicators

pH value,%

IT - 100



IT - 103

93.0 / 97.0


IT - 104


Sodium content,%

IT - 109


Total sulfur content,%

IT - 107


Reductive content,%

IT - 108


Sugar content,%


Water insoluble,%

< 0.5% w/w

Recommended dosage forms: WP, WDG

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