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Mitsui Chemicals high-performance aromatic petroleum resin

Product Name: Petroleum resin

Product Grade: FTR-6100 / FTR-6110 / FTR-2140 / FTR-0150 / FTR-6125

Packaging Specifications: 25Kg / bag

Petroleum resin is a product obtained by the thermal decomposition of crude oil (gasoline) to C5-C9 unsaturated hydrocarbon by-product, and then polymerizing the unsaturated hydrocarbon. Can replace some of the pure natural tackifier, such as rosin and terpene.

★ Compared with PE, PP, etc., which are called as plastic products, they have the following characteristics:

1) small molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution. (As shown below)

2) PE, etc. have crystallinity, petroleum resin is non-crystalline.

FTR Features:

1. colorless! Excellent hue and thermal stability

2. With a variety of resins (including EVA, polystyrene elastomer, acrylic) and WAX have good compatibility.

3. Good adhesion at high temperatures

4. Good compatibility with various solvents

FTR scent is an aromatic petroleum resin developed based on the unique oligomer manufacturing technology of triwell chemistry. Colorless, transparent, excellent thermal stability, odorless, and good compatibility with various resins and elastomers. As a tackifier, FTR has good high-temperature adhesiveness and hue stability.

In full use of the above characteristics, FTR is widely used in acrylic adhesives for the production of adhesive tape. It is often used in glass paper, polyester, polypropylene and other thin film substrates.

At the same time, FTR is also able to be added to the following resin materials to make hot melt adhesives.

- EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer)

- EEA (ethylene - ethyl acrylate copolymer)

- SIS (terpene resin)

- SBS (styrene butadiene styrene block copolymer)

Use, performance, and recommendation number



promotion push handle Ming

Hot melt


FTR Zero?2000?6000 Series

improve the adhesive acrylic system


FTR 6000?8000 Series

Pressure sensitive tape and protective film and paper


FTR 6000 Series

Film processing


FTR 6000 Series

Sealing materials


FTR 6000 Series

Thermal transfer ribbon


FTR 8000 Series

copier and printer


powder comminution auxiliaries

FTR 2000 Series

Special rubber


FMR Series

FTR Physical Properties:

Applications: Pressure-sensitive adhesive / hot melt adhesive!

l Colorless, odorless, transparent C6-C8 copolymer petroleum resin;

l Applied to solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive to improve heat resistance and cohesion;

l Applied to SBC hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive to improve heat resistance;

l Used in EVA hot melt adhesive, giving hot melt adhesive high cohesion;

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