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Color Paste & Chip(PennColor)


Founded in 1964, the company specializes in the development and production of a wide range of Masterbatches, Masterbatches and Pigment Dispersions, making it the most diversified color manufacturer in the world.

Our professional agent Penn Color full range of products: color film, color paste, Masterbatch!

For the high-end needs of the area to provide targeted pigment dispersion solution!

The main application areas:

1. Industrial coatings --- metal paint, 3C plastic paint, wood and glass coatings; The main products: Audi black film 78B739, blue phase black paste 19B280!

2 car paint --- car original paint, car repair paint;

3. Nail polish ------- PENN COLOR is the world's leading supplier of nitrocellulose colorants and color chips, broadening the nail protection coating technology. Nail polish may experience more friction and neglect than any other material. Nail polish in addition to nail to provide a high wear resistance of the protective layer, but also to achieve high-gloss appearance.

4. Hard surface plate (acrylic sheet) ---- Customers only need to buy the basic color, Penn Color can provide computer grading software to help you completely solve color matching problems.

5. Others such as: wall paint, floor coatings, inkjet printing inks, plastics, etc.

Product advantages:

? Color chips and pastes with different resins as carrier

? Use high-end automotive pigments

? Product stability is good

? Easy to use, no pigment dust

? Ensure color consistency between batches

? Value-added, eliminating pigment screening and reducing inventory costs

Application areas:

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